Friday, September 20, 2013

Why it is so easy to provide feedback and so difficult to take?

A recent survey by a leading social magazine on employee motivation/feedbacks revealed that 99% of the participants felt it is easy to give feedback but not so easy to take it.. particularly when we are talking about giving/receiving negative feedbacks... if you don't necessarily buy this.. try one simple thing;

Ask 5 of your closest people what is that one thing that they don't like about you and how they would like you to change that... Trust me, they would shoot it even before you complete your sentence.. :)

However, when you are receiving these comments you would not really be willing to accept it at the face of it, you would argue, present your case, cite instances when you were at the top of your behaviour and so on.. however post the initial denial and resistance if you closley look at those feedbacks you will realize some semblance in each one of them .. you will understand what is that you actually need to work on and once you have understood that.. Trust me there is no going back...

If things are pretty slow for you or the going is getting tougher by the day... don't postpone the problem.. face it right away.. do a Root Cause Analysis.. if you feel you are always being victimized.. then think twice.. no one in the world has so much time to focus on YOU and YOU ALONE for taking their vengeance.. so your ending up at not being the so called "go getter" list has to be pinned to something else..

So what is it? try and nail down the 3 or 4 major areas of improvement.. never ever pick many more as you will end up doing nothing if the scope is too wide.. try fixing one problem at a time.. once you have your task list ready, analyze the support need and logistics..frame a definitive timeline..

If everything is in place.. Bingo! Go on start implementing it and soon you will find yourself in the driving seat dishing out Gyan or feedbacks to others.. and would be able to secure your berth in the elite club of happy and successful people.

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