Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fall in love...the question is why?

Ever since i has been haunting me to know why am I different..or is it just in my mind? Why do I do what I do? Why being simple and blissful does not sound appealing..atleast to me? Why I have to complicate things for me and for those around me?

For ages people have been saying that the mind governs all the action..and still it is a known fact that people do fall in love..and heart does take over what if for a split second..or for longer..and whoa do you remain yourself anymore..

I wish I could remain aloof..let my mind reign supreme..let me be immune from the charm and allure of the mind of the person I adore the most..

Or at the least let me be a silent spectator..and watch the conflicts of my alter egos within me...with heart telling me to do the things..that will take me to cloud nine..with the adrelanine pumping in..and mind keep away and avoid the pain that will follow the momentary joy...

I always used to wonder..why Fall in love? Why descend, why tumble..should not love be the guiding factor to take you through the turbulent waters called LIFE? But guess..i have the answer I did fall in love...and experiencing the the oblivion...

The question is what do i do now? Be in the state of mourn forever..or move on..or try and reconcile with the fact that " What I have lost was never mine..."

My mind tells me to shift my focus and resist the temptations ...and RESIST I will..though ironic I will be seeking the support of the soul whom I have to resist..and probably that will help me in building my resolve..and never to FALL again only to RISE... I shall RISE in love...

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