Sunday, April 1, 2007

Parting special friends....

"When the going gets tough the tough get going.." this is precisely true as I have seen and experienced in my life.. Life goes on..and memories fade..

But some stay with you..memories associated with the dear ones...always warming you .. giving you the warmth.. the soothing effect of warm sunshine after a long rainy day.. tender sea breeze on a quiet night..the echos of the hushed solitude.. the first few droplets of rain on a parched land..

these are the special memories that never fade..they weather the test of time..and they are etched in you..your mind..your heart..

What fades is the sense of loss or gain associated with these memories..rather replaced by the warmth and ease, making you go on with a new zeal and rigour..

When it is time to say adieu..even for a short span of time..want to do it in a lighter note..(hiding my emotions..and the profundity of my thoughts ) want you to remember me with a smile on your face..

remember me as you would any sweet fond memory...remember all the good times we spent together.. remember all the leg pullings that I did.. remember my stupid way of dealing with your email.. :-) remember me always eager to fight with you..remember me as I am ..remember me the way you would like me to remember you...

Bottomline is remember me always with a smile on your is contagious :-)

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